About NeuWrite

NeuWrite San Diego is a collaborative group of scientists from the UCSD Neurosciences, Psychology, and Cognitive Science departments. We meet every other week to critique writing samples, discuss science communication, and plan events to bring science to the community (such as Pint of Science US). Our work has been published in Scientific American Mind, The Toast, HIPPO Reads, and more.

NeuWrite was co-founded in 2008 at Columbia University by students and postdoctoral fellows in the Department of Neuroscience in collaboration with students in the non-fiction and poetry MFA programs. In addition to two groups at Columbia, NeuWrite has since expanded to include other universities and cities, including NYU, Stanford, Boston, and here in San Diego. 

While each NeuWrite group has a different focus, each one aims to raise the bar of science communication by directly creating content or by collaborating with local writers and communicators.

Our logo was created by the very talented Rachel Tsunomoto.