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June 01

Science meets Serenity: Benefits of Sauna Use on the Brain

The reason that saunas have been used for thousands of years and across the world, is because of their profound and proven health benefits. Heat exposure has been proven to have phenomenal effects on our bodies, and some of the most fascinating of those effects are the health benefits that heat exposure has on the human brain.

March 30

Good Vibrations: Inaudible Sounds Can Increase Dancing

What is that feeling that we get in our body when we listen to EDM or lower-pitched music in general, and what causes it? It turns out, based on a study by Daniel J. Cameron and others, that it is possible for low-pitched inaudible sounds to directly cause people to move and dance more even though they can’t even hear it. This article further describes this phenomenon and explains the nueroscience behind why we feel music and move more when we listen to low-frequency sounds.