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June 24

When shown a picture of a middle-aged male…

   When shown a picture of a middle-aged male actor, how is it that we can easily tell Matt Damon from Mark Wahlberg? The actual differences in their faces are not huge in absolute terms, though it feels obvious when looking at them. Faces are all pretty much the same: two eyes, a mouth, a […]

June 18

Do monkeys play fair? Staging an ultimatum game in the ultimate social primate

Every now and then, my roommate will lean in the frame of my door and pose a simple scenario: “Will you mop the floors if I wash the dishes?” I usually respond positively to the ultimatum (I really can’t stand doing dishes), and when the moment is right, put on some Enya and graciously clean […]

June 10

Impaired interval timing and Free Willy (not really)

This is really about:  The role of interval timing dysfunction in the formation of first-rank symptoms in patients with schizophrenia? Note 1: This is the first in a “series” of posts by the second- (or third-?) year students to tell you a little about our minor prop topics.  We all Some of us worked very hard on our […]