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July 18

Our Sensitive Stomach: The Enteric Nervous System

     Inside every person’s gut there lies about 500,000,000 neurons. That might seem like an odd place for so many so-called “brain cells;” even odder still, the bowel’s web of nerves can function in the absence of communication to or from the brain. Its potential for independence and substantial cell count have earned the intestinal nerves […]

January 10

A Look at CRISPR and the First Genetically-Modified Humans

Cracking Pandora’s Box – New Tools and New Frontiers In November of 2018, Chinese scientist He Jiankui revealed to the world that he had orchestrated the genetic modification and birth of two twin girls in China[1]. Psuedonymed Nana and Lulu, these newborns are the first known human babies to be born following modification of their […]