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August 27

The Neuwrite Times

We here at NeuwriteSD have been hard at work creating a print edition of some of our recent articles. This is something we have done in the past to hand out at local science communication and outreach events, and for the first time we are posting a pdf version of The Neuwrite Times online. Huge […]

September 01

Mentors Like Us: Expanding Diversity Research Program Curricula

STEM diversity initiatives should shift the focus from solely providing resources to also investigating why the vast majority of minority students stray from academia.

February 25

They’re Right In Front Of You

[En español] The story of the neuroscientist that almost wasn’t and the role of advocacy within neuroscience. // South Central Los Angeles in the 1980s was essentially a war zone. The area had become a hub for crack cocaine dealing, which only worsened the violence from street gangs and pushed the area into deeper poverty and […]

November 14

Red Ribbon Week: A Neuro Perspective

“If I eat a brain of a meth-addict, will I get high?” “Are street rats and lab rats the same?” “What happens if I eat a rat brain?” These are some of the questions that my lab encountered when we visited a middle school in Escondido, CA as classroom speakers last week. Together the Mandyam […]

Launching our new “Spikes in the Classroom” outreach module

We are incredibly excited to announce the addition of a new module to our outreach efforts. When we go into a classroom, we bring plenty of dead brains… rare jarred brains of porpoises and penguins for our “Comparative Anatomy” module and squishy sheep’s brains that students get to touch and hold and inspect (always with […]