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June 05


We’re coming up on finals week here at UCSD, so we thought we’d take this week off to get our studying done.  In the meantime, please enjoy this video made by the first year Neuroscience graduate students.  Fans of our “Get Data” video should make sure to fast forward to 4:29 to enjoy more of […]

March 28

Genetically programmed, but with options

This is a guest post by Adam Calhoun (@neuroecology), a very talented science writer and fellow member of UCSD Neurosciences.  Australia has been having a problem with discarded beer bottles. It turns out that the Australian Jewel Beetle finds these bottles so attractive that they will mate with them until they die from dehydration. The bottles, […]

March 20

You interviewed – now what?

Choosing a graduate program in the life sciences Recruitment season is over. After several weekends spent explaining your research in 10-minute segments to complete strangers, you’re hoping to ultimately have a place to call “lab.” As you look back on your visits, it’s a whirlwind of graduate students, science, faculty, walking, and beer. How, in […]

January 30

[title goes here]

Here’s a confession- I had absolutely no idea what I was going to write about when I signed up for today’s post.  I assumed that, as in the past, inspiration would come to me with time to spare. I was wrong. I wracked my brain.  I read weeks’ worth of Science and Nature emails searching […]

November 28

Tuckered Out By Turkey’s Tryptophan?

The carcass lies half eaten in the middle of the room.  Its devourers are scattered about, full stomachs groaning as they sleep off their heavy meal.  A sense of quiet calm settles around their tired forms.  Yes, it has been a successful feast, one that is taking place across a joyful nation.  I’m talking, of […]

November 14

Red Ribbon Week: A Neuro Perspective

“If I eat a brain of a meth-addict, will I get high?” “Are street rats and lab rats the same?” “What happens if I eat a rat brain?” These are some of the questions that my lab encountered when we visited a middle school in Escondido, CA as classroom speakers last week. Together the Mandyam […]

June 24

When shown a picture of a middle-aged male…

   When shown a picture of a middle-aged male actor, how is it that we can easily tell Matt Damon from Mark Wahlberg? The actual differences in their faces are not huge in absolute terms, though it feels obvious when looking at them. Faces are all pretty much the same: two eyes, a mouth, a […]

June 10

Impaired interval timing and Free Willy (not really)

This is really about:  The role of interval timing dysfunction in the formation of first-rank symptoms in patients with schizophrenia? Note 1: This is the first in a “series” of posts by the second- (or third-?) year students to tell you a little about our minor prop topics.  We all Some of us worked very hard on our […]

May 31

Professional Development Tips!

This week, I had the pleasure of joining several UCSD Biomedical Sciences grad students and a few other Neuro grad students in a BMS-run career development course.  Over the course of 4 afternoons, I practiced the art of note-taking to add to my skill set and to prepare a tip sheet for you! Note: Your […]

May 12

Wiring Eyes

We can probably all agree that eyes would just be useless bags of vitreous humor if not for their wiring to the brain.  It’s the highly precise connections between specialized cell types within the eye and their specific target cells within the brain that allow us to visually experience our world.  But how do these […]