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November 12

I built an interactive, dynamic poster for SfN 2015. Here’s why and how.

Editor’s note: a fully interactive version of this post is posted at the nipy plog on tumblr. This couldn’t be done here due to WordPress restrictions. There are two parts to science, and both need verification. There are two parts to science. First, science is the process of verifiable data collection. Second, science is the process […]

Ventral visual stream October 22

Deep neural networks help us read your mind.

If you let us, we can read your mind. For the last fifteen years or so, scientists have been able to use measurements of brain activity* to predict what image you’re seeing, what part of your body you’re moving, or whether you’ll remember something you were studying (See Norman et al. 2006 for a review). […]

I love SfN October 17

Why I love SfN

Editor’s note: this article first appeared on the PLOS Neuroscience blog. Thanks to Ms. Amazing, it’s now cliche to say, but damn… I effing love SfN. For the uninitiated SfN is a thirty thousand person international conference for neuroscience–a conference so large, only a few cities in the US can handle it. For many, SfN evokes fear and […]

July 10

Got a computer? We have data. Let’s do neuroscience!

Now, everything you need to do mind reading–and your own neuroscience data analysis–is freely available online. This post points you to data, software, and examples to get you started–even if you don’t have a Ph.D.